Computer Engineering on Overview : Compulsory

The book deals the main and compulsory lessons of the Department of Computer Engineering, in an easy, simple and adequate way to understand the topics of computer engineering and similar departments, this book is considered as a booklet for undergraduate students, and even for doctoral students, where it shortens the way for doctoral students to review the basic lessons of the Department of Computer Engineering, and Also, the way is shortened for engineering students and those interested in the Computer Department to learn the main curriculum for the department in a brief way. The book deals with topics COMPUTER NETWORKS, PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, SOFTWARE MODELING LANGUAGES AND UML, OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING, DATA STRUCTURES AND DATA MODELS, DATABASE MANAGEMENT AND SQL, DISCRETE MATHEMATICS, BOOLEAN ALGEBRA, LOGIC CIRCUITS, ALGORITHM AND FLOW CHARTS, MICROPROCESSOR, PROGRAMMING IN ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE, and OPERATING SYSTEMS.

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Publisher Mohammed Ridha
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Pages 308 pages
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