Come Get These Memories of the Sixties

Come Get These Memories of the Sixties My gift to you is the remembering. Life is 99 percent memory and 1 percent now. This book is all about those of you who grew up with me as a teenager in the sixties. It is also specifically about Northwest Detroit and the Isaac Newton Grade School and the Cooley High School kids. It also encompasses a lot of the surrounding area of Detroit. We were white kids in a middle- to upper-middle-class neighborhood that knew the same teachers and hangouts. We experienced the same times of news—war, racial unrest, space exploration, and the confusion we faced through it all. We could forget about it when we played the music. The Motown Sound, the rock and roll, and the folk music were all about us and the world we lived in. Come and take a stroll with me through the sixties. Remember the cars, the TV programs, and the people you hung out with. I hope that when you are reading this, you see something of yourself in it. It is a progression through the years and how one girl grew up through that time while experiencing the ups and downs of life and forever searching for the elusive love of her life—the man of her dreams. I would imagine that this book would appeal to anyone that lived anywhere during those years and was a teenager. The music was American. We shared it. The cars were American. We shared those and everything else that came to pass during that time. Maybe today’s youth that are interested in history, music, and inspiration will find something of interest here also. As unique as we think we are, we all have a lot in common. We are human, subject to growing and learning every day. Thank you to those who played roles in the history of this story, and thank you to my family and friends who have encouraged me over the years to “write a book.” Well, here it is.

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