Celtic Mythology: Dive Into The Depths Of Ancient Celtic Folklore, The Myths, Legends & Tales of The Gods, Goddesses, Warriors, Monsters, Magic & More

Dagda swept his fingers across the strings of the harp, and a beautiful melody started to play. It was the music of grief that had the Fomorians stop and bow their heads as they sobbed. Even the soldiers sobbed, but they drew their mantles so none could see the tears flowing... Celtic Mythology has through the ages inspired poets, authors, and songwriters alike with its ancient heritage of sagas, myths, legends, and battles. We live in a modern world that explains most myths and legends. However, there is still much that cannot be explained. To better understand who we are, it is essential to know where we came from and the cultures that were our past. Learning about Celtic mythology will help to keep these cultures alive for our future generations. Through books like this one and the interest of all its wonderful readers, these myths and legends will stay alive well into the future. And if you're looking for a collection of Celtic myths that speak to all ages then keep reading because the path to your calling has been answered with this book. Inside you will find heroic stories of gods and goddesses and epic tales of love and betrayal. Misty rolling hills, lochs, rugged mountains, and mysterious creatures form the grounds for the myths and legends. Discover heroic adventures, mythical creatures, intriguing fairy tales, magic and folklore. All This & Much More Including: > Celtics Beliefs, Ways of Worship & Rituals > The Mysterious Tombs of The Celtics & How They Aligned With The Stars > How Nature & Her Sacred Creatures Have Shaped Celtic Culture > Celtic Gods & Goddesses - including Dagda - Supreme God of The Celts, Lug - The God of Justice & Many More > The Legendary Origins of Merlin the Magician (Made Famous By Disney) > Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Brittany, Manx & Celtic Myths + Legends > Llefelys & Lludd - A Story of Dragons, Demons & A Thieving Wizard > The Leprechaun - Learn about the little green man synonymous with the Irish - but be careful what you wish for, as everything has a price. > Discover The Druids & Their Sacred Art of Healing Through Herbs > Why The Celts Were Sworn Enemies of Julius Caesar > Celtic Mythology That Has Inspired Star Wars, Harry Potter & Other Movies And much, much more… Open a door to another world…. a world of adventure, heroism, romance and magic. Celtic mythology, your calling has been answered with This Book.

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