Canadian Transcultural Nursing

This reference provides a conceptual framework and appropriate assessment and intervention guidelines for holistic care of patients from diverse cultural backgrounds in Canada. A model, devised by the author, discusses the dimensions of communication, space, social organization, time, environmental control, and biological variations. The book focuses on the importance of providing culturally appropriate care and describes the predominant cultures found in Canada. * Discusses the need for Canadian nurses to provide holistic, culturally sensitive care in today's increasingly diverse society. * Thoroughly explains Giger and Davidhizar's Transcultural Assessment Model, with a full chapter devoted to each of the six aspects of cultural assessment. * Presents the unique perspective of Canadian contributors, who have had extensive contact with the cultural group about which they are writing, to ensure accuracy and relevance. * Includes case studies and nursing care plans to demonstrate the application of concepts for different cultural groups in Canada.

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Publisher St. Louis, Mo. ; Toronto : Mosby
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Pages 422 pages
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