Built Upon a Rock

The financial world is changing rapidly, and biblical scriptures and prophets warn of more economic stormy weather ahead. In the guidebook Built Upon a Rock, Brian Horne, a Certified Financial Planner and accountant, relies on his professional experience and spiritual upbringing to provide methods for protecting assets, investing and saving money, and avoiding financial pitfalls. Horne provides sound financial and biblical principles that will help you to understand the importance of achieving financial self-reliance during the tumultuous Last Days; foretold in the scriptures. With an easy-to-follow style, Horne teaches all Christians, both financial novices and experienced investors how to: Prepare Financially for the Last Days; set up a budget and create a debt-elimination calendar; save and invest your money using Biblical principles; properly invest in real estate or home ownership; invest your IRA and 401(k) wisely; find the proper insurance coverage for Life, Home, Auto; buy gold and silverwhy & when; prevent identity theft ; and improve a credit score. Built Upon a Rock shares practical advice coupled with spiritual insight that will help the reader distinguish between wants and needs and lead them to achieve peace of mind in uncertain times.

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Publisher iUniverse
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ISBN 1450246869
Pages 304 pages
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