Brittle Bonds (The Guadel Chronicles Volume 3)

Va'del has saved his people for the second time in as many months. This time he's determined to take what is rightfully his and marry Jain, but not everyone is happy with his accomplishments. Old enemies are preparing to see to it that Va'del and Jain never return home. The coming treachery will do more than threaten Va'del and Jain's lives. It will test their devotion to each other and start them down a path that could lead to the overthrow of an entire civilization. Publisher's Note: Readers new to The Guadel Chronicles should begin with Frozen Prospects (currently free). Brittle Bonds is followed by Shattered Ties. Brittle Bonds is a young epic fantasy novel.

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Publisher Fir'shan Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1939363047
Pages 300 pages
Rating 4/5 (46 users)