Bring Yourself

Contrary to conventional wisdom about what makes a good negotiator - namely, being aggressive and unemotional - in Bring Yourself, Mori Taheripour offers a radically different perspective. In her own life, and in her more than fifteen years of experience teaching negotiation, she has found that the best negotiators are empathetic, curious and present. The essence of bargaining isn't the transaction, but rather the conversation and human connection. It is when we bring our whole, authentic selves to the table that we can advocate for ourselves fearlessly and find creative solutions that benefit everyone. Bring Yourself explains how your pressure points, personal experience and even your cultural expectations can become roadblocks to finding common ground, and it offers essential strategies to move beyond them and open your mind. With eye-opening and empowering stories throughout, Bring Yourself helps readers gain the confidence they need to achieve their goals in work and in life. Timely and provocative, this paradigm-shifting book can transform our world and the way we work together.

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Publisher Hachette UK
Release Date
ISBN 034942649X
Pages 272 pages
Rating 4/5 (95 users)