Bioenergy Research: Biomass Waste to Energy

This volume is fourth part of the five-part set on bioenergy research. This volume covers biomass to bioenergy production concept. The book is focused on the possible and versatile biomass options available for the generation of bioenergy. Additionally, the book also explores different types of biomass for bioenergy generation at a commercial level. Further, the book elaborates on different kind of cellulose and sugar rich waste which can also be utilized for bioenergy production. It covers other relevant issues such as recent technological advancement in biomass to bioenergy conversion, waste management in the context of biomass to biofuels production technologies, green methods of energy production, alternates of fossil fuels in the near future. It also explores biomass waste valorization, utilizing microbial processes in bioenergy production. This is a useful reading material for students, researchers, industry and policy experts. Other four volumes of this set explore basic concepts, latest progress, commercial opportunities and integrated solution for bioenergy concerns.

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Publisher Springer Nature
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ISBN 9811618623
Pages 272 pages
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