Bio-Inspired Fault-Tolerant Algorithms for Network-on-Chip

Network on Chip (NoC) addresses the communication requirement of different nodes on System on Chip. The bio-inspired algorithms improve the bandwidth utilization, maximize the throughput and reduce the end-to-end latency and inter-flit arrival time. This book exclusively presents in-depth information regarding bio-inspired algorithms solving real world problems focussing on fault-tolerant algorithms inspired by the biological brain and implemented on NoC. It further documents the bio-inspired algorithms in general and more specifically, in the design of NoC. It gives an exhaustive review and analysis of the NoC architectures developed during the last decade according to various parameters. Key Features: Covers bio-inspired solutions pertaining to Network-on-Chip (NoC) design solving real world examples Includes bio-inspired NoC fault-tolerant algorithms with detail coding examples Lists fault-tolerant algorithms with detailed examples Reviews basic concepts of NoC Discusses NoC architectures developed-to-date

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Publisher CRC Press
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ISBN 1000048055
Pages 194 pages
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