Being Right with God

For sincere seekers, teachers, and preachers. This book consists of the most complete and understandable explanation of BEING right with God to be found anywhere. After a lifetime of becoming acquainted with Christian literature and 28 years of listening to other preachers, the author observed the lack of presenting BEING right with God even though it is the most important thing to be achieved in life. Only partial explanations are given in sermons that touch on the subject of being. As a result, people have a fragmented and incomplete understanding of BEING right with God. The Bible contains what it is to BE right with God but not in an organized and systematic way. Many scriptures are brought together in this book in order to present a full and understandable Biblical explanation of what it is to BE right with God and how to GET right with God.

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Publisher WestBow Press
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ISBN 1449706835
Pages 216 pages
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