Basics Of Mathematics And Aptitude

Present era is most tough for highly aspirant youngsters mainly because of highly competitive environment all over the world and only toppers are preferred by employers, hence the competitive examinations are organized for final selection. The general mathematics and aptitude has been the criteria to judge the ability of the candidates. Performance in the examination of the candidates is considered the most suitable parameter for final selection. Therefore candidates have to toil sincerely and honestly to get top ranks in the competitive examinations. I don't know any other rout except hard work for success. At present, in most of the competitive examinations like Indian civil services, state civil services, banks, public and private organizations and other state examinations for different posts, university entrance tests etc. are based on candidates' ability in mathematics and general aptitude. It is quite common that number of coaching institutes are flourishing all over the country to prepare them for competitive examinations and in result they have to pay highly. Poor but intelligent students could not get equal opportunity as they are unable to attend these coaching institutes because of unexpected high fee so they feel unfortunate to beat the examinations. This environment make them nervous and hopeless. This book will help and support to all aspiring youngsters for competitive examinations. The book, 'Basics of Mathematics and Aptitude: Fundamentals' has been designed in very simple way to cover most of the important area of general mathematics which covers like simplification, average, age calculation, time and work, area, ratio and proportion, HCF and LCM, interest and compound interest, percentage, profit and loss, speed and distance and boat and stream.

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