Augmented Reality Art

This is the third edition of the first ever book to explore the exciting field of augmented reality art and its enabling technologies. The new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, with 9 new chapters included. As well as investigating augmented reality as a novel artistic medium, the book covers cultural, social, spatial and cognitive facets of augmented reality art. It has been written by a virtual team of 33 researchers and artists from 11 countries who are pioneering in the new form of art, and contains numerous colour illustrations showing both classic and recent augmented reality artworks. Intended as a starting point for exploring this new fascinating area of research and creative practice, it will be essential reading not only for artists, researchers and technology developers, but also for students (graduates and undergraduates) and all those interested in emerging augmented reality technology and its current and future applications in art.

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Publisher Springer Nature
Release Date
ISBN 3030968634
Pages 402 pages
Rating 4/5 (32 users)