Atlas of Video-EEG Monitoring

The single-best resource available for learning how to perform and interpret video EEG Companion DVD includes 110 seizure videos covering a full range of seizure types! A Doody's Core Title for 2011! Atlas of Video-EEG Monitoring explains the essentials of video EEG for use in all settings. This full-color atlas thoroughly covers the basics of performing video EEG for diagnosis along with how to use video EEG for the diagnosis and interpretation of seizures and mimickers of seizures during treatment of epilepsy, in the emergency department, and in the intensive care unit. Features DVD contains videos linked to EEG patterns in the book—-allowing you to see each problem in real time Over 340 full-color images and EEGs Detailed overview of epileptic seizures, from simple partial seizures and primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures to epileptic spasms In-depth survey of seizure mimics, including psychogenic non-epileptic spells; panic spells; non-epileptic movements in coma; dissociative spells; movement disorders; sleep disorders; and syncope Thorough review of status epilepticus, including epilepsia partialis continua, and other syndromes Cutting-edge guidance on intracranial video-EEG monitoring, including placement and interpretation of grid/strip electrodes and depth electrodes

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Publisher McGraw Hill Professional
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ISBN 0071597425
Pages 609 pages
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