At an Hour That You Think Not

A theological subject debated over and over again without resolution is eschatology. Although the study of last things involves several subjects, the all-important matter is the return of the Lord Jesus Christ as promised. For 180 years, fundamentalist teaching has touted a pre-tribulation rapture of the church. When a careful Berean style inspection of Scripture is utilized, of necessity you must acknowledge "the pre-tribulation teaching holds no water." The words of Jesus and a close evaluation of the writings of the apostles make clear what many responsible "bearers of truth" have muddied. After reading this book, may you find yourself closer to understanding the truth of Jesus' words and less inclined to accept without inspection of the Word, those who teach otherwise. Endorsements "Dr. Hiester's rich heritage of faith and scholarship are represented in this work. His book engages some of the most difficult questions of eschatology. This is a refreshing and challenging exposition which will help the reader gain a richer understanding of the truths of Scripture." -Erik Wiedman, Educator "Dr. Hiester demonstrates how eschatology can be understood by a child of God. Incredibly eye opening and life changing!" -Daniel Gross, Elder "I think it is possible that your book may be the best and most comprehensive study on the matter presently available." -Mark McCormack, Editor

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