Asian Septorhinoplasty

This book explains the challenging problems often encountered by surgeons when performing septorhinoplasty and secondary rhinoplasty in Asian patients and identifies solutions based on the best available evidence. The opening chapter discusses issues relating to the longevity of alloplastic implants. Various dilemmas in Asian septorhinoplasty are then addressed, including in relation to resorption of autogenous grafts and various aspects of technique. The aim here is to enable surgeons to achieve consistent high-end results. In the case of secondary rhinoplasty, the coverage includes conundrums relating to the distinction between infection and delayed inflammation, the choice of graft materials, correction of the contracted nose, and key decisions, including in patients in whom the septum has been previously resected. A separate chapter provides guidance on the approach to specific difficult cases encountered in Asian populations, including tip deformity, columellar necrosis, nostril asymmetry, and recurrent nasal deviation. Finally, advice is given on best practice in the use of alloplastic materials.

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Publisher Springer Nature
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ISBN 9811605424
Pages 189 pages
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