Death Dreams and Ghosts

A collection of death, dreams, and ghost stories were gathered and presented to C.G. Jung and the author, who approaches this fascinating material from the depths of her analytic experience. ""… among the Swiss, who are commonly regarded as stolid, unimaginative, rationalistic and materialistic, there are just as many ghost stories and suchlike as, say, in England or Ireland. Indeed, as I know from my own experience ... magic as practiced in the Middle Ages ... has by no means died out, but still flourishes today ... I can recommend it to all those who know how to value things that break through the monotony of daily life with salutary effects, (sometimes!) shaking our certitudes and lending wings to the imagination"" – from the Foreword by C.G. Jung. We are left in the overpowering presence of a great mystery. 9783856305802

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Publisher Daimon
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ISBN 3856305807
Pages 202 pages
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