Angels Whisper

Angels Whisper - 'Whose life is it, anyway?' - is a book not only focusing on Angels: what angels represent to the writer; what angels do, and the belief in the healing power of angels; but is an invitation to awaken people to the influences we permit others to have on us. Do we take responsibility for our own lives or do we permit others to bully us and control how we live? Research indicates that there is an ever growing culture of bullying in many sectors of contemporary society. As human persons we are invited to be conscious to the help that is available within contemporary society in relation to attaining overall wellbeing. This book has emerged as a sequel to 'Angels Do Come - Just call!' Many stories about Angels and relevant experiences have been freely shared and recorded over many years and as a result of the last publication. Within life and living, everyone at some point needs something to hang on to, the support will vary from person to person but the common denominator is the desire to avail of that which leads to the balance of body, soul and mind. The support of the Angelic realm helps us to believe that God and the Angels desire to guide and protect us as we travel the journey of life and living, irrespective of how it unfolds. Frequently, Angels whisper with an invitation to consider, 'Whose life is it, anyway?' Do we permit others to dictate the pace and direction of one's life and living or do we respond to the nudges which alert us to self healing and wellbeing?

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Publisher Trafford Publishing
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ISBN 1466967188
Pages 182 pages
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