Advances in Human Factors in Architecture, Sustainable Urban Planning and Infrastructure

This book presents human factors research focused on achieving and assessing sustainability in the built environment and architecture. It reports on advanced engineering methods for architecture and design, and on assessments of the social, environmental, and economic impacts of various designs and projects. The book covers a broad range of practical studies relating to ergonomic design and assessment of public and private places, urban ecological constructions, and urban planning for smart city. Further topics include green area planning, environmentally-responsive architecture, and conservation and adaptation of vernacular architectures in modern design. Based on the AHFE 2021 Conference on Human Factors in Architecture, Sustainable Urban Planning and Infrastructure, held virtually on 25–29 July, 2021, from USA, this book offers a wealth of perspectives on sustainability and ergonomics in architecture and urban planning. As such, it represents a timely source of inspiration for designers, architects, urban planners, as well as civil and environmental engineers, and other professionals, including policy-makers, involved in the development of sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

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Publisher Springer Nature
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ISBN 303080710X
Pages 338 pages
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