Adapting Evidence-Based Eating Disorder Treatments for Novel Populations and Settings

This comprehensive text provides practical approaches to adapting empirically supported treatments for eating disorders for clinicians working with patients of diverse backgrounds and presentations, or within non-traditional treatment settings across levels of care. The book describes empirically- and clinically-informed treatment adaptations that impact delivery of real-world services for eating disorder patients and generate interest in testing adapted treatments in randomized controlled trials. Featuring contributions from researchers and clinicians with expertise in developing, delivering, and testing interventions for eating disorders, each chapter focuses on a specific population, setting, or training approach. Practical applications are then illustrated through case examples and wisdom gleaned through the contributors’ own clinical studies and experiences. Readers working with a diverse population of eating disorder patients will gain the necessary skills to support their patients on the journey to recovery and self-acceptance.

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Publisher Routledge
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ISBN 0429633661
Pages 414 pages
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