A Vatican II Pneumatology of the Paschal Mystery

The study presented in this volume considers an essential topic of revealed truth, namely the Holy Spirit's role in the Paschal Mystery. Theological research has been particularly concerned with this question in recent years, endeavouring more and more to clarify and define the relations between Christ and the Holy Spirit, emphasizing the Spirit's action in the life and mission of the Savior. J. Anderson considers this theme within a very precise framework: that of the Second Vatican Council, Ad Gentes I, 2-5, . The conciliar text is brief but full of meaning and this merits a thorough examination. This is the first time that a systematic study is presented to us on the subject of this text. It is carried out with great care. The author retraces in detail the different stages of the text's redaction, and notes the corrections which have been conserved, but also the recollections and notes of those who collaborated in the redaction. He has taken the trouble to consult personally several of these collaborators. It is this consultation that helps to give a great value to his study. The work includes valuable information which no future study of the conciliar Decree can afford to overlook. By concentrating on an analysis of the text, the author determines the elements of a pneumatology in conjunction with the Pascal Mystery. He thus provides a sure basis for the reflection of theologians who wish to understand better the role of the Holy Spirit in the missionary activity of the Church. Let us hope that this remarkable contribution will receive the appreciation which it merits and will evoke an interest leading to further pneumatological research

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