A String of Lights

FROM POPULAR AUTHOR OF LGBT+ ROMANCE ALEXA MILNE From the Naughty or Nice? collection Sometimes loves shines a light. Devlyn Collins lives with his mum and stepdad in the north of England. He goes out with his mates, drinks a bit too much and works for his Uncle Sid. The trouble is, he's begun to think he wants more. Henry Ward is a man with a secret—he's a multi-millionaire who owns a landed estate on the edge of Exmoor, thanks to a massive win on the lottery. He's also a man with a mission, determined to restore Secoombe Hall and village and find out how he shares a history with the place. He's too busy for love. Christmas brings these two men together when Henry offers Sid and Dev silly money for a last-minute job of putting up Christmas lights. Dev doesn't expect to meet an attractive man in this small village and Henry expects them to be just strangers, passing for one night only. But events conspire to bring Dev back to the village...and keep him there for Christmas. Will this be just a holiday romance, or could it develop into something more?

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Publisher Totally Entwined Group (USA+CAD)
Release Date
ISBN 1839430893
Pages 174 pages
Rating 4/5 (93 users)