A Rogue’S Tales

Ransacked and ripped off, Carr a young human male, sets out to get back what was wrongfully taken in the name of a King's protection taxes. A writing style said to be comparable to M. Night Shymalan/ Clive Barker, unique interior sketches by the author aid the reader through an amusing and original story. In a world of magic and monsters a young male, educated and trained in unusual skills, struggles with choices in life. - Strengthen the skills learned seeking adventure and fortune - Live a simple honest life working the land Thats too dull, running off in dangerous pursuits of gold is more exciting. The misadventures of youth begin to add up causing serious troubles, including continually upsetting his mother. Returning home to find it over turned he learns a King is stretching out his territory and tax collections. Finding out the Kings men forcefully took what should have never been taken, Carr sets out to set things right. Retrieve wrongfully taken property and make amends with his mother. However plans of the mind rarely work out as planned or as easy. His actions have more repercussions then hell realize and knocking at deaths door.... This is the 1st of 3 stories mainly introducing the characters' friends, family and surroundings.

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Publisher Trafford Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1426935382
Pages 156 pages
Rating 4/5 (81 users)