The Anatomy of a Healthy Relationship

Why do I want to fall in love? How can I find and have the love of my life? We learn many skills in our lifetime, such as how to read, how to speak, how to dance, and how to play... but no one ever taught us exactly how to have a healthy, thriving relationship. If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then this book can provide the route to finally answering them “The Anatomy of a Healthy Relationship” is designed to help readers define their personal reasons and desire for a healthy and successful relationship with their lifetime partner. We all have emotional injuries, accepted beliefs, and personal values about relationships. These are important factors to understand in the dating process, as they may interfere with the ability to search for and accept a healthy relationship. This book explores the journey of a healthy relationship from meeting to dating, courting, falling in love, and making a lifetime commitment to your significant other. Each step of the way is clearly defined and accessible to the reader as they use the dating process as an opportunity for self- insight and growth. The ability to develop a healthy relationship may just be the most important skill we ever acquire in our lifetime.

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Publisher Xlibris Corporation
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ISBN 1479777161
Pages 98 pages
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