Apple Watch 5 User's Guide and Tips to Access Hidden Features for the Elderly If you need to push your Apple Watch Series 5 to its limit, and get valuable features to help you as a senior, then this manual is for you. The manual gives you basic knowledge of the Apple Watch 5 to advance and hidden features you had no idea you could do with the watch. It also provides you with details to health tip to keep you safe in case of emergencies. This book is designed for easy read and understanding for seniors. Other information you will get from this book include: Features of the Apple Watch 5 Basics Components of Apple Watch 5 Important Apple Watch 5 Gestures for easy navigation Connecting your iWatch to Your iPhone Tips to Customize Apple Watch Face and Set up Dock How to setup Apple Watch Notifications How to use the Workout App on the iWatch How to Access Hidden Features of Apple Watch 5 How to set up Custom Replies for Messaging App How to search for a Missing iPhone with the aid of the Watch How to Screenshots of your Apple Watch face How to Set up Emergency SOS for the elderly How to use the Heart Rate Monitor for elderly How to Display Apps in List View How to Create Custom Watch Face Directly from your Photos How to Edit the Message Center from the Apple Watch How to Make Purchases without using ApplePay on the iWatch How to Move the App Icons Around How to Adjust Brightness and d104 Size How to set up Sound & Haptics How to Use Power Reserve How To Make the Apple Watch Tell You Time Basics Operations You should know on the Watch How to Receive or Declining Calls on the Watch How to Adjust Active Call Volume How to Access Watch Keypad While on Call How to Transfer a Call from Watch to iPhone How to Make Calls with Phone App on the Watch How to Access Voice Mail On the Watch How to use the Messenger App How to use Apple Pay and Passbook How to Use ECG on Apple Watch 5 How to interpret ECG on your Watch Understanding Cardiac Cycle How to use Basic and Advanced Siri Commands on your watch How to sources for Handy Apple Watch 5 Apps How to Download and install Third-Party Watch Apps on Apple Watch 5 Complete List of Recommended Third-Party Apps How to fix common Apple Watch 5 faults and Lots More Don't wait any more, scroll up and click on the BUY BUTTON to get this manual into your Library.

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