2015 MCMAP Publications Combined: USMC Martial Arts Instructor Course Student Outline; Tan, Gray, Green, Brown & Black Belt; Gear List & Log; The High Intensity Tactical Training Methodology & More

Commander's Intent. MCMAP is an integrated, weapons-based system that incorporates the full spectrum of the force continuum on the battlefield, and contributes to the mental, character and physical development of Marines. It is the intent that MCMAP enhances the transformation from civilian to Marine by capitalizing on the zeal of entry level training, and developing the Marine ethos in a progressive manner throughout a Marine's career. Concept of operations (a) All Marines, regardless of age, grade or sex must perform MCMAP qualifications. (b) Commanders shall conduct MCMAP training in accordance with the instructions contained. (e) The prescribed minimum requirements of this Order should not be interpreted as limiting the commander. Commanders are encouraged to conduct additional MCMAP training in a progressive, safe manner to enhance unit performance and fitness levels of Marines.

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