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The Most Effective Way to Master the 200 Sight Words Essential to your Child's Reading & Writing Success From the trusted name in children's education worldwide comes the biggest and most comprehensive sight word learning and practice workbook. Once your child has mastered these key words they will: ✅ Read far more fluently ✅ Write with greater ease ✅ Spell with increased accuracy ✅ Boost reading comprehension ✅ Accelerate language learning Why Your Child MUST Master Sight Words Sight words are a set of words that constantly appear on almost any page of writing, such as 'who, does, come, we'. They are the building blocks of written language. However, many sight words cannot be 'sounded out' because they do not follow the standard rules of spelling. The child has to memorize sight words as a whole, by sight, so that they recognize them immediately without having to decode the spelling. The problem is that minimal instruction is given by teachers and parents. Often, little more is done than showing the word to the child and telling them what it is. However, for many children, this is not nearly enough. As a result, their reading and comprehension of these crucial words is lacking, which significantly brings down their overall reading ability. Scholdener's Sight Word Workbook is the solution. A Multi-Dimensional Approach Educational research has shown that the best technique for learning sight words is accurate writing and spelling of the word, comprehension of its use in a simple sentence, and a visual representation of the phrase to reinforce how the word is used in context. Scholdener's Sight Word Workbook is the only workbook that uses this multi-dimensional model for each and every one of its 200 words. This ensures that the child really grasps the sight word, along with its spelling, meaning and usage. In teaching terms, giving your child the opportunity to learn words in proper context is known as 'meaningful reading'. This is an extremely effective tool that has been shown to be far superior for retention than plain memorization or rote learning. Includes Dolche Word List Educator Dr Edward William Dolch developed the 'Dolch Sight Words List' by studying the most frequently occurring words in children's books. These words comprise a staggering 80% of the words you would find in a standard children's book. Once a child knows this list of words, it makes reading much easier. You'll be pleased to know that this workbook incorporates the key Dolch words. Book Details 8.5" x 11" - Large size provides plenty of room for writing inside. 200 sight words - TWICE as many as other workbooks. More than 100 pages of writing exercises. From trusted education publisher Scholdeners. Made in the USA. If you want to boost your child's language skills, scroll up and click Add to Cart now.

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