107 Ways to Help Others

Grief is like ocean waves, hitting hard against the sand and receding, only to return. Waves of emotion crash, and people say, "I don't know what to say or do to help." This book is for them. It's for you. We all have either lost someone or tried to comfort the bereaved and felt helpless. Every page gives a fresh idea for comforting during the hardest time in someone's life-perhaps your own. Luann Lee Brown worked as an occupational therapist for twenty years, mostly in psychiatry, helping depressed people in crisis. She volunteered at a local police department helping give death notifications or supporting a family and friends when a loved one committed suicide, as well as other roles during horrific times. This book includes a section on helping those left behind after suicide or murder and sections on how to help children in the throes of grief. May the waves of grief soften and become less treacherous. May the sun shine and sparkle on the ocean of your or your loved ones' lives. May you feel the joy of serving another while you heal from your near drowning in an ocean of your own loss.

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