1001 Little Ways to Spend Less & Live Well

In this era of economic turmoil, we could all use some smart ideas for cutting down and spending our money wisely—and this valuable little collection has 1001 of them. 1001 Little Ways to Spend Less & Live Well provides financial tips that help you live within your means right now, and stop wasting money in key areas of your life. These are small changes that can make a big difference: they cover everything from food and fuel to fashion and entertainment, and offer plenty of strategies for staying within budget without feeling like you’re pinching every penny. See how to dodge such fiscal fiascos as splurging too wildly on evenings out and travel; avoid marketing ploys; and reduce debt. With this essential guide at your fingertips, it’s easier than you ever imagined living so well…and spending so little.

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Publisher Carlton Books Limited
Release Date
ISBN 9781847323507
Pages 224 pages
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