100 Historical Black Women

This book is a curation of articles found on Wikipedia. Articles on Wikipedia are free and can be searched for by anyone. What this book does is take articles of a specific topic and puts them together in a convenient single volume. Every article in this book is handpicked and includes articles that may have otherwise been missed through casual research among the 6,487,848 articles (55,625,871 total pages) currently available in Wikipedia. This is also a self-published book. It is not a book published by a major publisher. This book was compiled out of an actual interest in the subject matter and not purely for profit alone. While every effort has been made to produce as professional of a book as possible it cannot be guaranteed that this book meets all professional standards. 100 Historical Black Women includes full entries for 100 African American women of note from our nation’s history. While there are a few recognizable names the majority are relatively unknown in popular culture. In this book you will find complete entries for 100 African American women from the 17th through the 20th century. Table of contents/indexes that list entries by first name, last name and chronological order by birth, circa, or year of note. Plus a list of 1,000+ more historical Black women with single sentence summaries as a starting point for your own further research categorized by century. Also includes bibliographies, references, sources & further reading for each of the 100 entries. Please note this is the EPUB version (fixed layout). There is also a PDF version. Both versions (as well as the paperback version) all have the exact same layout and content. However they may appear and/or render differently depending on the device used.

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