10-Minute Clutter Control Room by Room

The house is a mess and you canÆt ever get ahead! A follow-up to Fair WindsÆ popular 10-Minute Clutter Control, this book offers hundreds more ways to clear the detritus of a busy life and create a calm, harmonious environment in 10 minutes or less. Messy desktop? No problem. The closet dragon about to capture the bedroom? Slay that monster in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee. With More 10-Minute Clutter Control readers will find tips for not only cleaning up the household but the car and the office as well! The small format makes it easy to hold and easy to tuck away when finished, the clutter-ridden canÆt afford not to have it. Includes easy-to-use tips on how to: Find out what areas of the house are ôclutter zonesö and how keeping clutter there can cause blockage in your life Ensure the clutter-free areas will stay clutter-free Attend to unfinished household matters, like a leaky sink, the unmowed lawn or the mountain of laundry Unleash the clutter-busters and make space for something new

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