Complete Ascension Index

This companion volume to the groundbreaking Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path series will allow you easier access to the techniques and wisdom of Dr. Joshua David Stone.

Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls invite you on a journey of deeper understanding of who you are. Learn to understand crystal skulls, their different characteristics, their special energies and how you can use these energies for your personal growth.

Endings Are Beginnings

Take a journey into the infinite realm of hope and possibility, of transformation and transcendence. Discover what must shift for our minds to open to heightened awareness and powers and what keeps us from knowing all we can about who we are and what we are able to do ?????? in and beyond our physical existence. Step into the continuity of life and walk on ?????? because, after all: The Life force does not die. Gain a new perspective on healing trauma, illness, and addictions, and a more positive way of looking at daily challenges and transitions. Take a journey of the heart, mind and soul into the infinite realm of hope and possibility, of transformation and transcendence, and heightened awareness. Experience and explore different, more effective ways to effect positive transitions through and beyond daily life challenges, troubled relationship patterns, addictions, physical illness, as well as physical death.

Scopes of Dimensions

A shift in consciousness has occurred on the planet during the past twenty-five years, marking a new moment in the evolution of humanity's consciousness concerning our relationship to Earth and to the cosmos. We now accept that human beings are interacting with a living planet, and we understand that this living planet has an energetic relationship to the galaxy. We have also come to understand that the entire biological and energy system of this beautiful planet we live on is totally dependent on how humans treat the planet, the environment, and other life forms on Earth. Biorelativity describes the ability of human beings to telepathically communicate with the spirit of the Earth. The goal of such communication is to influence the outcome of natural Earth events such as storms, volcanoes, and earthquakes. This book is a collection of channeled lectures through Arcturian, Native American, and other mystical guides, transmitted in sessions from 2009 through early 2011, that describe

Teachings from the Sacred Triangle ? Volume 2

Good questions--Intriguing answers. The teachings continue . . . Your planet is at a dire crossroads from a physical standpoint, but from a spiritual standpoint, it is experiencing a great awakening. Never before have there been so many conscious lightworkers, awakened spiritual beings, and masters as there are on this planet now. A great sense of a spiritual harmony emanates from the many starseed groups, and there is also a new spiritual energy and force that is spreading throughout the planet. We want to send this special Arcturian frequency to Earth, because it will suddenly release energy toward higher light. It is a throbbing, pulsing frequency that will bring you into alignment with the Galactic Council, Andromedans, Pleiadians, and many higher levels of etheric energy. Together, we will help you to remove a very powerful block from within your mind, opening you very quickly and directly to receiving the light and consciousness from these other beings. You will then receive ideas and images about how to do certain things and how to heal certain things in the physical. Material problems, business problems, medical problems, and political problems--all aspects are now going to be open to the fifth-dimensional energy and the fifth-dimensional realm. Be prepared for the possibilities of disruptions in your life from various sources such as political upheavals and storms. As you prepare, know that you are going to be sheltered and protected. You will find that maintaining the energy contacts with Arcturian starseeds will create energy bridges of support that will sustain you through anything that will happen on this planet. The more bridges you create, the stronger your Group of Forty is going to be. It is important for all of you to focus on the bridges--the energy bridges that you have made in the group and the energy bridges that you make with us as a group.